Susan,Great, sound advice all anorud. Paying attention to details is key, and foresseing problems which may arise is perhaps equalliy important. This leads to how will these potential problems be dealt with. We recently received a phone bill for 34,000 shekels (about $9,000). I called the phone company immediately and told them our average bill is approximately $60. We did not make calls to anywhere other than our usual numbers despite the fact that we are being billed for hundreds of calls to Moldova, Bulgaria, Germany and the Czech Republic! The representative and her cadre of supervisors all told us the same thing, Our computers don't lie!We have retained a lawyer who will, no doubt, get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately our phone service will be disconnected for non-payment in the coming days!The phone company obviously does not know how to treat or retain customers as we will be transferring to a new company ASAP!Yoni